Sunday, 24 September 2017


Came across this picture in an antiquities website.

It describes it as a 'stone disc idol'.
Personally, I think it's more likely to be a giant fossilised aspirin.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


I really need to remove my childhood sticker collection from my chest of drawers. Other things are a bit more of a priority, though.

If only I can keep it this way...

Took almost 3 albums worth of time.

Unfortunately, this was one of the easier bits...

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Return of the King

Reading the Lord of the Rings. Hadn't realised how eschatological bits of the Return of the King are. Probably noticed it because I've been reading Revelation and the prophets recently.

There is peace, reuniting after (presumed) death, joy, healing, feasting, thrones, a coronation, a renewed city, the nations come together, judgement, forgiveness, the ancient tree replanted, no more fear of night, a long-awaited wedding... "Is everything sad going to come untrue?"

Some of the language is decidedly messianic:
"ancient of days he seemed and yet in the flower of manhood; and wisdom sat upon his brow, and strength and healing were in his hands, and a light was about him."
There's even a psalm:
"Sing now ye people of Minas Anor
for the realm of Sauron is ended for ever
   and the Dark Tower is thrown down.

Sing and rejoice, ye people of the Tower of Guard
for your watch hath not been in vain,
and the Black Gate is broken,
and your King hath passed through,
   and he is victorious.

Sing and be glad, all ye children of the West
for your King shall come again,
and he shall dwell among you,
   all the days of your life.

And the Tree that was withered shall be renewed,
and he shall plant it in the high places,
   and the City shall be blessed.

   Sing all ye people!"

But of course, it falls short. Sauron was the enemy - but not the ultimate Enemy. 

Aragorn may be the king around whom all this centres, but the enemy's downfall was not brought about by him. His bride is marrying way beneath her. And he is just a mortal human, not divine.

The healing is not complete, and it's not forever.

To quote Paul (out of context): 
"These are a shadow of what was to come; the substance is Christ."

Friday, 1 September 2017

Ticking clock

And we just can't get used to being here
Where the ticking clock is loud and clear
Children of eternity
On the run from entropy
~Andrew Peterson

Here's the song:

Thursday, 31 August 2017

A better thing

And when the world is new again
And the children of the King
Are ancient in their youth again
Maybe it's a better thing
To be more than merely innocent
But to be broken, then redeemed by love
~Andrew Peterson
Yes, I think so. If the Fall hadn't happened, everything would be good. 
But what will be will be even better.

Here's the song: 

Monday, 28 August 2017


In Leviticus, the quality of the sacrifice—not the worshipper—was inspected. The same is true today. And ours is flawless.
~Andrew Wilson

Monday, 14 August 2017

That Hideous Strength

Picked up a copy of That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis in a charity shop.

That hideous cover

I first read his Cosmic Trilogy when I was a teenager, and have read the first two (Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra) many times since. But I thought That Hideous Strength was weird. Will be interesting to see what I think this time round.

I remember very little, though I have read some stuff about it since.

This is what I think I remember:

  • Happened on earth, in an English college, not another planet (less interesting, didn't fit with series).
  • Ransom, the main character from the first books, who was a realistic, ordinary man, became this unrealistic, almost symbolic, character with a golden beard (not an improvement).
  • Merlin came alive again and put everything right. There was some stuff about King Arthur coming back to rule England and how that was a good thing (silly and out of place)
  • Although the two main characters were married to each other, it was wrong for them to have sex because they weren't Christians yet (this seemed completely nonsensical - I assume I had misunderstood, because if not I agree with my teenage opinion.)
  • I thought of the books as an 'adult Narnia', and therefore expected to series to finish with the end of the world. Was rather disappointed that the very mild apocalyptic events near the end simply resulted in a return to the status quo.
  • These included a tower of Babel-like incident when all the evil conspirators, who thought they were so wise, lost the power of speech and began to make animal noises. That bit was good).
  • Evil scientists. Was there a head in a jar?
  • One of the good guys was tortured by being put in a room with a pattern of dots on the ceiling, and a pattern of dots on the table which almost, but not quite matched (I really appreciated this - I would say it is my main memory of the book.)